Combining breathtaking visual displays with seamless gameplay, Starsiege Tribes will revolutionize the world of multiplayer squad-level games. While most first-person shooters concentrate on single-player AI, Tribes focuses on the ultimate AI--the human mind. Tribes is the first 3-D action shooter designed from the ground up to maximize the multiplayer gaming experience. Anywhere from two to thirty-two players can compete against each other's "tribe" across the Internet or LAN.
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Starsiege: Tribes is a first-person shooter where the player fights for one of several factions. It is set in a universe where humanity has become divided -- some followed the Emperor, rebuilding Earth and her colonies. The rest followed interstellar transfer conduits, or "jump gates," and began branching out across the galaxy, separating into tribes as they scattered.
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The next game in the series of Starsiege: Tribes and Tribes 2.
Playstation 2 online game.
Starsiege Tribes is a team-oriented multiplayer first person combat game based in the Starsiege Universe. The player created as well as the storyline factions are divided into Tribes, dominated by the Four largest, the Blood Eagle, Diamond Sword, Starwolf, and Children of the Phoenix. There are vast numbers of Independent Tribes that are not affiliated with one of The Four as well as numerous non-tribal entities such as Grievers, Imperials, and others.