This category is for sites in English for Natural Selection, the Half-Life modification.

Sites in other languages must be submitted in the appropriate World subcategory.

All submission descriptions must be free from self-aggrandizing hype. Any such language will be immediately removed.

Important Notes - Please Read:

    Submissions must be FREE FROM ALL HYPE.
  • e.g. "We''re the best", "The Number One Site...", "All that you need...", etc.

Submissions for sites under construction will be deleted.

Sites in this category must be in English.

The ODP does not list redirection or vanity urls. Please submit the url of your webpage''s server only.

No site is guaranteed placement in the Open Directory. Any site unrelated to Half-Life, or submitted to multiple inappropriate categories, using multiple URLs for multiple submissions, or consisting primarily of affiliate links to other sites will be deleted and may be permanently banned.

To reduce the chances of rejection it is highly advised that you first read the category FAQ.