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*Also covers Aliens vs Predator Gold Edition

Aliens vs Predator is an original hit by Rebellion Software based on a combination of the movies Alien and Predator. Initially released for the Atari Jaguar this game has been expanded and released successfully on several platforms. In 2001 the games development was taken over by Monolith and Sierra and released in the sequel Aliens vs Predator 2.
First-person shooter based on the Alien movie series.
Futuristic third-person shooter. The player takes the role of Kyle Hardlaw, an accused assassin trying to stay alive and clear his name.
One of the earliest games released for the Super Nintendo. Also known as U.N. Squadron.
From LucasArts and Planet Moon Studios, this third-person shooter with some light tactical elements and a lot of humor, but mostly it's all about blowing up a lot of stuff.
Scheduled for release December, 2003. a computer game by Bohemia Interactive (BI). It is a tactical military first and third person shooter which is considered to be a successor to Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis. The game is anticipated to be fully updated with modern graphics, physics and a complete game engine overhaul, including a new streamlined campaign and game editing tool.
First-person shooter, developed by Acclaim, in which the player's character dons an experimental power suit and saves the earth from insect infestation. The title was released for PlayStation, Nintendo 64, and Game Boy Color.
This shooter has flying robot combat with 3D futurescapes. The player battles computer opponents. There is also an online multiplayer mode.
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