Video and computer games where the player controls a single character, usually a person, exploring an environment, usually 3 dimensional, and shooting enemies as they appear. The enemies may shoot back or simply rush to close and destroy the character in melee. Often different weapons can be found or earned. Often it takes several hits to destroy a character or the more powerful enemies. "First person shooter" games, started by Castle Wolfenstein 3D, simulate the player seeing through the character's eyes. "Third person shooter" games present a side or top view of the character and environment.
There are only two types of sites that should be submitted to this category.

1. General sites which focus on more than one shooter game.

2. Sites for specific games which do not have a dedicated category.


Please only submits sites containing information about the game Chase Ace.
Shooter games played through your web browser. In these games you typically control a single character and try to "frag" as many enemies as possible. This section is not for Unofficial guide sites, clan sites or other sites that are not the games themselves.

This category is only for games played in conjunction with a web browser, including Java-based games which require using a web site to begin play as well as games which use technologies such as Flash, Shockwave, and JavaScript.

Contains sites which provide cheats, frequently asked questions (FAQs), walkthroughs, help files, hints, and codes.
Clans are groups of people who play the game as a team against other groups, or clans. Clans listed in this category should play more than one shooter game (i.e. Quake and Unreal, etc.).
Clans for a single game should be submitted to the category for that game. Only clans that play multiple Shooter games will be listed here.
Fan (personal) pages covering multiple shooter games. These pages usually contain news, reviews, cheats, frequently asked questions (FAQs), walkthroughs, help files, hints, and codes.
Before submitting to this category, make sure that there are no possible subcategories to which you can submit a site. If your site is submitted here that belongs elsewhere listing your site can take several weeks or months longer than normal. Make sure you submit to the correct game category.
Contains sites devoted to individuals or groups which produce shooter-type games which are non-commercial or as yet un-sold to a major publisher.
Sites in this category include:
  • amateur games made with programs such as "Clik and Play" and "RPG Maker"
  • companies, groups, or individuals who create games for download, freeware, or shareware.
  • companies whose games have not yet been sold to a publisher.

Sites offering freeware games Do not belong in this category. Please submit them to Games: Video Games: Shooter : Freeware. Shareware games should be submited to the Shareware category.

This category lists competitive leagues that only play games in the 'Shooter' genre. Leagues are organised competitions between teams of online players.
Submit FPS leagues only.

Leagues that only support 1 game go in the relevant game category, leagues that support multiple genres go in the multiplayer/leagues category.

Please do not submit Clans/Teams of players here Submit those to Clan Category
Massive Multiplayer Online Games (MMOGs) are games where all players play on the same playing field. Players are connected via the Internet and play in the same game world. MMOGs have no single player element, they can only be played online, and usually take place in a persistent environment.
Please only submit sites to this category if they are about Massive Multiplayer Online Shooter Games in general. If the site is related to a specific game then it should be submitted to the category for that game. If it relates to massive multiplayer games of another genre then it should be submitted to the category for that genre. Sites that relate to massive multiplayer games in general should be submitted to the general category.
Sites dealing with one game in the series should be submitted to the more specific category.
Contains sites whose main focus are to provide information, news, reviews, previews, articles, and fora about first and third person shooters.