Gemstone IV (GS4) is a text massively multi-player online fantasy roleplaying game based in a medieval world. It has 8 different professions, over 30,000 rooms, countless monsters and NPCs, a numberless combat system, magic, staff run quests, and more. There's things being added or changed every day. GS3 is a skill-based game, and can be completely numberless if you wish (to help with role-playing).
Please submit web sites with general information relating to Simutronic''s Gemstone IV game.

If your web site can be placed in any of the sub-categories please submit them there. For example, guides and articles should be submitted under the "Guides" sub-category, auction listings should be "Auctions".

Gemstone IV is a vast world of complicated mechanics. The mechanics and involved equations are complicated even for Gemstone savvy users to understand, making guides and help files wonderful tools for enjoying Elanthia. There are guides available for almost every part of Gemstone IV, from specific profession guides, to verb lists, to weapons and armor information. There is even information on the legal systems and fines! Browse the numerous web pages to find what is needed.
Only submit sites that follow one of these two guidelines:

1) Sites containing several guides on a variety of topics for assisting Gemstone IV players, or

2) One or several articles combined to form a single guide that does not fall under any of the subcategories.

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With over a thousand people logged into Gemstone IV at any one time, it can be hard to socialize and meet new people. Simutronics, in cooperation with the players in Elanthia, has devised a system of local 'House' structures. These houses enjoy special benefits and allow players to interact with one another in different ways.
Please submit sites about Clans, Guilds, and Official and Unofficial Houses of Elanthia.
Libraries consist of sites that contain large amounts of information but are not necessarily meant for guidance. Sites may include in-game forums, articles, game mechanics, or similar resources.
Please submit sites that are not meant to guide players through any aspect of Gemstone IV. Such sites should be placed in the Guides category instead.
Information about players and/or characters who play Simutronics Gemstone IV.
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