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Please submit your site to this category if it pertains mainly to Barbarians. More general sites should be submitted in another category such as Games: Internet: Simutronics: DragonRealms: Guides.
This category contains sites primarily providing information about the Barbarian guild in DragonRealms.
This category is for sites primarily useful to those in the Bard guild. Please submit sites for other guilds in the correct category, and more general DragonRealms sites to Games: Internet: Simutronics: DragonRealms.
Bards are poets, singers, storytellers and warriors of DragonRealms that can sing spells. Their primary skill set is lore, secondary in weapons and magic.
The spiritual guides of the realms. Holy magic, lore, and weapons. Calls upon their god(s) for everything from divination to protection, and performs constant rituals to prove their faithfulness to their god(s).
Healers of people, ranger companions, warrior mage familiars and trader caravans. Cannot fight at all at this time (combat with undead critters will be implemented in the future). Lore, life magic and survival.
Informational guides about various topics in the realms.
Please submit sites that deal primarily with the communication of DragonRealms players. Sites may include Yahoo! Groups or other mailing lists.
Mailing lists and sites dedicated to the communication of DragonRealms players.
Magic users that study the moons, constellations and other astrological signs. Abilities include locating people, predicting weather and future events, and teleporting. Moon magic, lore and survival are Moon Mages' key skills. Moon mages can see into the future to see if you will have luck or misfortune.
Submit only news and story sites. News sites should be relating to DragonRealms and its in-game environment. Stories may be player maintained, player submitted, or official in-game stories. Please submit Bard related sites to the Bards subcategory in Guilds.
Listings of in-game news and/or stories.
Player organizations, including societies, clans, orders and any other organized groups.
Paladins are both warriors of the Gods and leaders of Men who strive to be pure of heart. Abilities include leading people into battle and glyphs, but lose their abilities if they commit unlawful or evil acts.
Sites about players (OOC) and characters (IC), including pictures, drawings, stories, anecdotes, histories, families, SimuCon and VegasCon, etc.
Submit sites for programs, program authors, and scripts. Please post mailing lists about scripts and programs in the Programs and Scripting mailing list category.
Sometimes the manual typing and calculations in DragonRealms can be overwhelming. To help overcome this problem programs and scripts are constantly being developed to help players play more efficiently!
Rangers feel most at home in the forests, away from large cities or crowds. They are able to befriend certain animals (companions), and have a survival skills bonus in the wild, but begins to lose it if they spend too much time in heavily populated areas. Survivial, weapons and armor.
Warrior mages combine strong fighting skills with strong magic skills, and have the ability to control magical familiars (not the same as ranger companions). Elemental magic, lore and weapons.
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