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Following these guidelines will allow us to add your site to the directory as quickly as possible.

  • Use your site''s actual title.
  • Create a brief description, under 25 words, listing the current content of your site (not the future content).
  • Do not use first person verbiage (we, our, us).
  • Do not use marketing verbiage. (We''re the best!, Most awesome site, Check it Out!)
  • Avoid using terms such as much more, lots, more, or anything else that would indicate that there is more to your site than what is in the description. Take the time to list out what the site has instead of using these terms.
  • Your description should resemble descriptions of sites already listed in the category.

All sites dealing primarily with Fable can be submitted to this category.

There is currently no description created for this category.
Please submit your site to proper category or sub-category. It will make your site listed sooner and will save work for the volunteer editors.

Description Examples:

  • Final Fantasy VII, VIII, and Tactics. Materia, characters, world maps, images, music, walkthroughs, equipment, chocobo breeding, limit breaks, jobs, and lyrics.
  • Final Fantasy I-VIII. Walkthroughs, message board, FAQ, strategies, character data, secrets, links to purchase the games and MIDI files.
Final Fantasy is a long running RPG series produced by Squaresoft. It began around fifteen years ago on the Nintendo, moved to the Super Nintendo, and is currently in its ninth installment on the Sony PlayStation. Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII have also been released on the PC, while Final Fantasy IX, X and XII are for the Sony PlayStation 2, with XI being an online version for the PC.
When submitting to this category, please make sure of the following:

1. The URL to the site is correct.
2. For forums, make sure that the URL points to the index page of the site. Single discussion threads will NOT be accepted.

All free forums, including ProBoards and InvisionFree, are welcome, as long as they pertain to Fire Emblem.

This category is specifically for websites pertaining to the Fire Emblem series, a popular tactical RPG series in Japan made by Nintendo and Intelligent Systems. Although the first six were only released in Japan due to concerns over the game's difficulty, the seventh game was given a North American release, and was available stateside in the fall of 2003. The eighth game in the series, which is currently in production, is also slated for an American release. All websites pertaining to all Fire Emblem games are welcome, as long as they are complete and full of content. If your site is in a language other than English, please submit it to the proper category under World.
Descriptions for reviews and previews should contain the following information: score; (p)reviewer''s name; date of the (p)review; a short summarizing quote from the review (optional); and any other contents found in the (p)review such as screen shots and system requirement information.
Freedom Force is an RPG in the genre of comic book Superheroes, specifically in the style of the Silver Age of comics. The game was developed by Irrational Games and published by EA Games. It was released in early 2002.
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