Very silly game. Using a simple web interface, fight monsters, quest for items, and experiment with combining objects into more powerful items. Optionally join clans, fight other players, or profiteer on the black market. A set of turns is given out once a day, though extras can be earned. Monster and item descriptions are full of bad puns, cultural references, and in-jokes about other well-known games.If you've ever wanted to wander around a crudely drawn map with a sword in one hand and a martini glass in the other, this may be the game for you. Game is free to play, but those who make a PayPal donation get a special useful item.
This category is only for downloadable programs designed to interface with the Kingdom of Loathing online role-playing game.
When KoL players reach level 3 they are eligible to join a clan, which can provide various benefits, such as a daily meat stipend, extra daily adventures, and a gym to work out in for stat gains. (When a new clan is formed, the leader must buy each benefit separately.) Many clans also have an active message board and a collective stash of spare items. Some clans choose to engage in inter-clan warfare.

Some clans are made up of people who know each other outside of the game, while others are made up of people who meet each other through the in-game chat channels. A few clans accept all applicants.

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While Kingdom of Loathing is designed to be played through a standard web browser, tools have been developed to automate repetitive actions, search the Mall for bargains, sell buffs (temporary effects improving a character or affecting gameplay) to other players, or customize the user interface.

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This category is only for downloadable programs designed to interface with the Kingdom of Loathing online role-playing game.
Much of the fun of playing Kingdom of Loating comes from trying to use unfamiliar objects, cooking up bizarre food combinations, and figuring out how to put puzzle pieces together. Alternatively, you can ruin the game for yourself by going to one of these sites and reading answers that other people have figured out for you. A clever adventurer is you!
Your friends look at you funny when you tell them you've finally saved up enough meat to buy a Ghost Pickle on a Stick. Your housemates don't understand why you're addicted to a game that doesn't have fancy graphics. Nobody you know understands your jokes about killing the hermit. What can you do? Meet other KoL players!

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Various online and print magazines have expressed their own opinions about Kingdom of Loathing, using various criteria.

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In-game goods and services sold either for real-world money or for in-game currency (meat).

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