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Free online bingo games. Pay-for-play games belong in the Gambling category found here: Games/Gambling/Bingo/Online
Bingo is a recreational past time for many people. Just over 70 numbered balls are randomly drawn, a player has a play card with numbered squares in a grid pattern. When a numbered ball matches a number square that square is crossed off. When a line or designated pattern appears in the crossed off squares the player has made a "bingo" and wins. Bingo is often played in "Bingo Halls" among groups of people for money. This category is for online bingo games which are played simply for the fun of it, no money or gambling involved.
Traditional board games playable on the World Wide Web.
If your game has a subcategory devoted to it, submit your site there.

Downloadable software games played online should be submitted to Games/Video_Games/Recreation/Cards/ .

Sites for play solely on a Handheld device should be submitted to Computers/Systems/Handhelds/Palm_OS/Software/Entertainment/Card_Games .

Sites devoted to rules and other information rather than playing games online should be sent to Games/Card_Games/Trick_Capturing .

Mirror sites, doorways and sites under construction will not be accepted.

This category is restricted to card games, solitaire or multi-player, which can be played online without downloading software.
Please only submit sites to this category that offer unique free gambling games like video poker, blackjack or slots. The games must be the primary focus of the site.

Do not submit sites that offer flash games that are available on hundreds of other sites. Do not submit sites offering games from real money online casinos.

If there is any actual gambling offered on your site it will not be listed here, even if you also offer free games.

Sites offering gambling games for real money must be sent to the Online Casinos category. Submitting your site inappropriately here will result in its deletion or a delay in its review.

Affiliate sites, mirrors, doorways and under construction sites will not be listed.

Sites that offer free online gambling games for entertainment purposes only. No money can be wagered on these sites.
Virtual/ simulated pinball played on the web.
Virtual/ simulated pinball played on the web.
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