This category is for sites that contain video game music, and information about video game music. Video game music is music of any style that is part of a video game. There is a wide variety of video game music out there, from the early beeps of the Commodore 64, to the CD quality sound of the Sony Playstation. The music is divided into sub-categories based on the file type of the music (MIDI, WAV, MP3, etc.)
Only sites directly relating to music in gaming should be submitted. Sites that do not have gaming music files on them will not be accepted, nor will ROM sites.
For composers of game music. This category consists of sites of individuals, companies, or studios who exclusively write music for video games and of internal links to composers listed in Arts: Music: Composition: Composers.
Please submit sites for individuals, cooperatives, or companies composing music for video games. Check also in the appropriate alphabetical category of Arts: Music: Composition: Composers to see if the person is already listed. If so, please submit to that category.
MIDI arrangements of music from Video Games.


This category deals with MOD files based on video game music only.


This category deals with MP3 files of video gaming music.
Only sites that contain MP3 files of video game songs will be listed. Do not submit sites that do not have video game MP3s on them.


NSF (which stands for Nintendo Sound Format) are soundfiles created by taking the assembly (machine language) code for music in an NES game and extracting it into a separate file. You can then play the sound from the file by using a myriad of NSF players.
To have your site entered in this category, your site must house either NSF files, documentation on creating them, or a program that plays them.


Only for SPC files of video game songs and music.


Only for WAV files of video game music.