Sites about the emulation of arcade or coin-op video games.
If the site is a general emulation site it doesn''t belong here. This is for coin-op video games only.
This category covers emulators that emulate more than one type of arcade hardware.
Please note that sites with ROM files are not listed here but in Games: Video Games: Emulation: Arcade: ROM Images
Sites that offers or facilitates search of ROM Images for Arcade Systems.

Due to legal threats from Nintendo of America, Inc no site containing ROM Images for any of the systems published by Nintendo (including arcade machines) may be listed in the Open Directory Project.

Websites covering ROM Images for non-Arcade systems, should be submitted to Games: Video Games: Emulation: ROM Images or to the respective system category.

A single game emulator is designed to emulate only one game but generally does this very good or perhaps the game can't be emulated by any other emulator.
This category is for emulators that only emulate a single arcade hardware. Often several games run on the same hardware and these emulators can run them.