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A gang is a group of gamers bound together for a common cause to help establish a community for mutual protection or for greater glory. This category contains gang resources and gangs playing any game in the Interstate series.
It's 1976... but a very different 1976. Ahead of you are thousands of miles of desert in the American Southwest as your engine roars while you put the pedal to the metal. In "Interstate '76" your mission is to save the United States from a gang of hard-driving terrorists led by auto-mercenary Antonio Malochio. Bankrolled by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, Malochio intends to deliver the finishing blow to the crumbling U.S. economy by destroying the largest American oil reserve in Texas.
It's 1982 and auto-terrorism is at an all-time high. The U.S. is in crisis and you, legendary road warrior, Taurus, are dealing with a crisis of your own. Your long-time partner, Groove Champion, is missing and it's up to you to keep him from becoming a skid mark in the mother of all wars on wheels. Wage fully charged vehicular combat as you strive to uncover and destroy top secret forces... before they drive you-and the entire country-to the brink.