Lists games and related files that are available for download.
Collections of shareware games that are available for download. Sites that are considered a "collection" contain games developed/published by one group or have a variety of games available for download on one site over more than one genre.
Sites that link to other sites for downloads are not considered collections, but rather directories. Such sites should be submitted to Games/Video_Games/Shareware/Directories.

A collection of games that fit into a specific genre (i.e. Puzzles) should be submitted to the appropriate genre.

Individuals, corporations, or groups that develop shareware games.
To be listed here, your website must contain at least one downloadable, playable shareware game, for personal computer platforms (not mobiles, handhelds or consoles). If your site features highly original games and/or some other content related to games such as news, developer forum, blogs, user comments etc you have a higher chance of being accepted. Your site will not be accepted if it features mainly affiliate content, ads, etc. If you develop other freeware, shareware, or software as well, you should submit your site in a developer category under freeware, shareware, or software.
Directories of links to shareware games across multiple genres.
Sites that copy the files to their own site and make them available for download from there are not directories but collections. Such sites should be submitted to Games/Video_Games/Shareware/Collections.
Computer games and gaming related software that are downloadable and have no cost.

Free games that can be played in your web browser should be submitted to Games: Video Games: Browser Based.

A free add-on for a game should be submitted to the appropriate game category under Games: Video Games. For example, Quake maps would go best in Games: Video Games: Shooter: Quake Series: Modifications and Add-Ons. Free add-ons for a game that has no category of its own in Games: Video Games may be submitted here.

Games that are under construction should not be submitted until they are complete. Site visitors should be able to download a playable version.