Sites related to game developer and publisher Square Enix, which specializes in roleplaying games. In 2003, Square Enix was formed by the merging of Square (formerly SquareSoft) and Enix. Square was famous for producing series such as Final Fantasy, Seiken Densetsu, and the Chrono series. Enix was also a famous RPG maker, having produced the classic Dragon Warrior series and others.
Only sites about Square Enix the company or it''s parent companies should be submitted here. Sites that cover more than one Square Enix game should be submitted to the Fan Pages category.
This category lists fan-created websites that cover Square/Enix (its video games and other related-features).
In order to have your website submitted, your website must meet the following guidelines:

1. Website must be completed and online (no unavailable messages or "under construction" pages). 2. Website must be more than a set of forums for "Square gamers" to post on. 3. Website must contain information related to Square/Enix (not just the "Final Fantasy" or other series). 4. Website must contain original content (cannot be based on content found on several other websites).

This category lists links to categories for Squaresoft games.
Sites related to individual games by SquareSoft should be not be submitted here, but to the category for the specific game title (listed alphabetically in the Games: Video Games alphabar). If no category for the game yet exists, it should submitted to the appropriate subcategory of Games: Video Games: Genres. Sites about multiple Squaresoft games should be listed in Fan Pages.