Developer of titles such as Air Raid: This Is Not A Drill!
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Majorem Technology at Play is a Israel based games developer.
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The company behind Lancelot and Time And Magik.
Marlin Games was run by Linda Wright and their games was published by Zenobi.
Mastertronic released games under a lot of different labels such as Tronix, MAD, Bulldog, Mastervision et.c.
Game publishers.
Distributes software though divisions such as Broderbound, SSI, and The Learning Company.
Developer of games such as Empire of Magic and Shadow Vault.
They are or have been distributed by Screenplay and All American Adventures.
Melbourne House was the European distributor for Australian company Beam Software. In early 1987, Mastertronic bought the European part of the business and the Melbourne House name.
The company behind The Case Of The Beheaded Smuggler.
Publisher of console titles like Stake: Fortune Fighters, Smash Cars and Wings.
The company behind Kentilla.
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Microsoft started out by producing BASIC interpreters and later expanded into operating systems, utilities and ofcourse games.
Makers of Death in the Caribbean. They were called Micro Lab up to 1984.
A Chicago based developer and manufacturer of home video game entertainment products. In 2004, Midway acquired the following privately-held software companies:
  • Surreal Software
  • Inevitable Entertainment
  • Paradox Development (CWS Entertainment Ltd)
MindArk AB is a Swedish based company that develops online games such as Project Entropia.
United Kingdom based developer of Starsky and Hutch.
Miracle Designs is a Belgian based video games development company working on next generation games. They have produced titles such as Atari Karts and Merlin Racing.
Maker of several classics.
Monkeystone creates games for handheld platforms.
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Monolith is a developer and publisher of titles such as Blood, Get Medieval, Rage of Mages 2, and Shogo: Mobile Armor Division. Also the creator of the Lithtech gaming engine.
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Mosaic specialize in "bookware" which is better described as interactive fiction than adventure. There is mainly narrative text with only occasional player interaction. Their games are programmed by Level 9 Computing and The Ram Jam Corporation.
Mythic is the publisher of Dark Age of Camelot.
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