Makers of sport management simulations.
Datamost made some games for Apple II, but now they make utilities for PC.
Makers of hit games such as The Dallas Quest and Sands of Egypt.
The company behind The Lion's Share and The Philistine Ploy on the Apple II.
The company behind Clusterball, Safecracker, and Traitors Gate.
A small UK company that made adventure games for the ZX Spectrum.
French software company that made adventures using a system called Cinematique. They also made a large number of action games.
Mainly known for their humorous adventures, but they also released more serious adventures on the Abstract Concepts label.
Makers of Immortality Rules OK.
Developers of GameBoy Advanced games.
Makers of Destiny and King.
Publishers of Dweep, Brainwave, Jump Star, and Fortune Raiders.
Developer of Devastation.
Chris Robert's development company based in Austin, Texas.
Develops titles for a variety of consoles including Game Boy Color, Dreamcast, and Nintendo 64.
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PC and Mac game developer.
Developers of Unreal and Unreal Tournament, Dark Sector, and Epic Pinball.
Digital Illusions is based in Sweden, with offices in Gothenburg and Stockholm. Their titles include Pinball Fantasies, Motorhead, Codename Eagle, and Benefactor.
Based in the UK.
Makers of Starship Titanic.
Spanish software comnpany known for making utterly hard games such as Army Moves and Game Over.
Domark published several games before they were bought by Eidos Interactive.
A computer entertainment software publisher specializing in adventure games.
The company behind Dragon Slayer and Death Or Glory.
Known for Turbo Esprit and the Saboteur series.
The italian company behind Nippon Safes, Inc. and The Big Red Adventure.
Famous for their flight and action space sims (A10, Red Baron, the Aces Series, Stellar 7 and Nova 9). Was bought out in 1991 by Sierra Online. Among the titles released by Sierra under the Dynamix label are Starsiege, Starsiege: Tribes and Tribes 2.