The NUON chip was developed by VM Labs for DVD-Players. The NUON chip replaces the MPEG-2 decoder in a DVD-Player and allows for greater DVD functionality and the support for Video Games.
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This category is for sites about NUON players from Samsung.
Streamaster is the name of the set-top box based on the NUON technology. Streamaster is from Motorola and combines a Power PC chip, broadband modem, and other advanced features with the NUON.
This category contains links to NUON game categories in the directory. This category only contains links, sites should be submitted to the appropriate Genre.
The SD2300 was the second DVD-player to be enhanced with NUON.
The Virtual Light Machine 2 (VLM2) is an application that generates 3D graphics in rythym to music and is built into any NUON enhanced DVD Player. In other words, VLM2 creates music generated light shows.

This program was developed by Jeff Minter for VM Labs, Jeff Minter is the author of many games such as Llamatron, Defender 2000, and Tempest 3000.

VM Labs is the inventor of the NUON technology.