Journey: The Quest Begins (1989), an illustrated menu-driven adventure game by Marc Blank. Intended to be part one of The Golden Age Trilogy, but the company folded before parts two and three could be made.

As described on the box:

In Journey, you become part of a mesmerizing epic created in the tradition of J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings. For five long years, failed crops, tainted water, and sickness have blighted a peaceful land. Brave villagers have set forth to find relief for their suffering region, but none have returned. Now, yet another small band is preparing to begin the odyssey. You'll share the adventures of Tag, Praxis, Bergn, Esher, and Minar as they solve puzzles, overcome obstacles, explore unknown lands. Pass into the world of Journey with ease. The game is simple to learn: your challenge lies in choosing the right path, casting the best spell, and knowing whether to lie or tell the truth. Your imagination will be taxed more and more with each passing day as the difficulties become increasingly complex.