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This is where you submit forums, fanclubs, chat rooms, or forum/chat based websites. It is for clubs and forums with members. All other fan sites should be submitted to the appropriate game category.
There are many fans of the series who gather on the internet to talk about their theories, thoughts, and speculations, as well as chat about similar interests. This category features forums and chats for fans of the games and the story.
Websites about the D'ni culture, civilization, and language from the Myst series of games and novels.
Sequel to Myst and Riven developed by Presto Studios, and published by Ubi Soft. "A bitter man whose home world was ruined returns to take revenge."
The sequel to MYST III: Exile, this game follows the story of Atrus and continues the legend of the book whose ending has not yet been written. Revelation is equivalent to MYST IV, and is currently being developed by UbiSoft in Canada.
Sites regarding the fifth and final installment in the MYST series - End of Ages.
A real-time 3D version of the original Myst.
Reviews and previews of games in the Myst series.
Riven: The Sequel to Myst
Uru: Ages beyond Myst. The newest installment in the series, with realtime environments and custom avatars. It was originally set to be a MMORPG, but Cyan has decided to release offline expansion packs instead, to benefit those without broadband.
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