A roleplaying system derived from Dungeons and Dragons and released under an Open Gaming license (similar to Open Source software licenses) to encourage the creation of compatible games.
Chat rooms, message boards, and mailing lists to discuss different aspects of the d20 System.
Dragonstar is a space opera campaign setting by Fantasy Flight Games which mixes fantasy elements (elves, drow, dwarves, etc.) into a science fiction setting. This category contains websites dedicated to creating new material or describing campaigns taking place in the Dragonstar setting.
Only sites dealing with the Dragonstar campaign setting by FFG should be submitted into this category. Other science fantasy sites will be moved to the main D20 category if they do not contain sufficient Dragonstar material.
The Foundation is a superhero roleplaying system designed by Eric Metcalf and published by Nightshift Games in November, 2000.
Official home pages of companies producing roleplaying game products for the d20 system. These sites contains news and information on products, official errata, and sometimes links to unofficial fan pages about the products. Some sites allow for online orders of their products.
This category is for company sites that make roleplaying game products for the d20 system. DO NOT hype up your company website''s description by claiming ''our products are the best!''. Please leave commercialization out of your descriptions.
Spycraft is a espionage roleplaying game by the Alderac Entertainment Group which uses the D20 system of rules for characters and game play. Shadowforce Archer is a campaign setting developed by Alderac for use with the Spycraft rules.
Please only submit websites that contain information about Spycraft or the Shadowforce Archer campaign setting to this particular category. Sites containing D20 espionage information, but not dealing with Spycraft, will be moved to another category.
A webring is a group of thematically-similar sites organized into a circle through the use of standardized 'Next' and 'Previous' hyperlinks.