Champions is the Hero System superhero genre. It was the first, and still most popular setting for the Hero rules; to many, "Champions" and "Hero System" are synonymous. It is also the most popular superhero rules system, largely due to the flexible character and power design rules, necessary to create superheroes, who, by definition, go beyond normal bounds. Champions is also the name of the superhero genre book for the Hero System Fifth Edition, to be written by Aaron Alliston.
This category should be limited to comic book superhero style entries created in the Hero System. Other genres for Hero System have a separate category, as do other game systems.
Champions campaigns the way they were meant to be played - sitting around a table, rolling huge handfuls of dice, pushing counters so many hexes of knockback. This is the way most are played, though the paper and pencil format means some scanning or typing is required to transfer these pages to the Web.
Character creation can be intricate and detailed in a Hero System game - almost a game in itself. These sites are dedicated to characters only, rather than their campaigns.