Hero Games' Hero System was the first universal roleplaying system, predating GURPS by several years. Characters are designed with points spent on characteristics, skills, and powers, and gotten from disadvantages. Powers are generic and effect-based -- combinations of advantages and limitations are meant to produce any conceivable playable effect. The Hero System began with its most popular member, the super-hero game Champions, but also includes Danger International, Espionage, Fantasy Hero, Justice Inc., Robot Warriors, Star Hero, and Western Hero.
Champions is the Hero System superhero genre. It was the first, and still most popular setting for the Hero rules; to many, "Champions" and "Hero System" are synonymous. It is also the most popular superhero rules system, largely due to the flexible character and power design rules, necessary to create superheroes, who, by definition, go beyond normal bounds. Champions is also the name of the superhero genre book for the Hero System Fifth Edition, to be written by Aaron Alliston.
This category should be limited to comic book superhero style entries created in the Hero System. Other genres for Hero System have a separate category, as do other game systems.
Fantasy Hero is Hero System in the Fantasy genre - swords and sorcery. It is the most popular Hero System genre after the original Champions. The flexible Hero System Power rules are used to design magic spells and magic items.
Please submit only sites that deal specifically with Fantasy Hero and the use of the Champions role playing system within the Fantasy genre.
This category contains sites on completely original Hero System settings that cannot be classified as Champions or Fantasy Hero. It also contains campaigns based on "modernizing" the out of print settings of the Hero System rules: Robot Warriors, Cyber Hero, Star Hero, Western Hero, Pulp Hero, Justice Inc., Espionage, Danger International. Each of these genres is not popular enough to deserve a subcategory in its own right, but is still sufficiently distinct from the Champions or Fantasy Hero settings to be separated.