Steve Jackson Games' Generic Universal Role-Playing System is a skill-based universal RPG with no random elements in character creation. Supported by a large library of published sourcebooks in every imaginable genre, GURPS is a popular choice for do-it-yourself Game Masters.
Adventures and adventure-seed collections, ready-to-run for harried GURPS Game Masters.
Homebrewed worlds, settings, and world-specific house rules for Steve Jackson Games' GURPS.
GURPS fans and professionals alike love lists: Lists of all the skills, lists of all the books, and annotated lists of web sites are all a big part of the online GURPS community.
Star Fleet Universe role playing game set in the empires of Star Fleet Battles.
Unofficial GURPS worldbooks and sourcebooks in electronic form: Adaptions of popular novels, films, and other RPGS, as well as multi-author libraries of spells, characters, equipment and other modular material.
Articles discussing new rules or variant systems for GURPS, or essays on existing mechanics.
Shareware and freeware computer aids for Steve Jackson Games' GURPS roleplaying system.
Sites devoted to weapons, gear, and the ever-popular GURPS Vehicles systems.