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A 2005 superhero roleplaying game written by Chris Rutkowsky.
Super hero roleplaying game released by Pulsar Games Inc. in 1998. Blood of Heroes uses an expanded version of the Mayfair Exponential Gaming System (MEGS) originally developed for The DC Heroes Roleplaying Game.
Published by Pinnacle Entertainment Group and Alderac Entertainment Group, Brave New World portrays the adventures of superpowered "deltas" in an alternate-history fascist America.
Websites devoted to the 2005 indie superhero roleplaying game Capes, written by Tony Lower-Basch and published by Muse of Fire Games.
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The first commercial roleplaying game based on the characters of DC Comics, The DC Heroes Roleplaying Game was produced by Mayfair Games. It was the first game to use the Mayfair Exponential Gaming System later used by Ray Winninger's Underground and Blood of Heroes.
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The second commercial roleplaying game based on the characters of DC Comics, The DC Universe Roleplaying Game was released by West End Games in 1999.
A 1987 science-fiction/superhero roleplaying game set in the year 2046 and published by 21st Century Games.
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Free tabletop roleplaying games designed for roleplaying comic book superheroes.
Written by Dennis Detwiller and Greg Stolze, and published by Arc Dream Publishing, Godlike is a superhero roleplaying game set during World War 2. The game attempts to answer the question, "What would the world really look like if there were superheroes?"
Godsend Agenda is a superhero roleplaying game set in an alternate universe where superheroes from another dimension have crash-landed on Earth. Two editions of the game have been published, one in 2001, and another in 2005 using West End Games' D6 System.
An out-of-print superheroic roleplaying game formerly published by Games Workshop.
A superhero roleplaying game published by Guild of Blades.
A superhero roleplaying game published by Palladium Books.
Sites and pages with unique content about the Icons roleplaying game from Adamant Entertainment.
A superhero roleplaying game set in the future. The superhero characters represent popular mythical creatures. Written by Tim Gray and published by Silver Branch Games in 2002.
Living Legends and Villains and Vigilantes websites are both listed in this category.
Jeff Dee's superhero role-playing game formerly known as Villains and Vigilantes. Please note that the first two editions of the game were known as Villains and Vigilantes, and the third edition was given the new name of Living Legends.
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This category lists all superhero roleplaying games set in the Marvel Comics universe.
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Designed by Steve Kenson, and published by Green Ronin Publishing, Mutants and Masterminds., is a superhero roleplaying game using the Open Gaming License. The game features a modular power system to build specific individual heroes and simple mechanics that resolve all situations with the roll of a single d20.
Published by the Guardians of Order, Silver Age Sentinels is a superhero roleplaying game available for both the d10 Tri-Stat System and the d20 system. The game focuses on the themes and ideals of the Silver Age of comics placed in a modern context.
A comedy-themed superhero roleplaying game published by Evil Twin Comics.
1992 superhero roleplaying game from TriCity Games. Set in Americomics's Femforce universe.
1980 superhero roleplaying game from DAG Productions.
Superhero 2044 was the first superhero roleplaying game, published in 1977 by Gamescience.
Superworld was Chaosium's 1983 version of a superhero roleplaying game using the Basic Roleplaying system. Superworld was originally part of the World of Wonder boxed set.
2005 superhero roleplaying game written by Chad Underkoffler and published by Atomic Sock Monkey. The game uses the Prose Descriptive Qualities rules system.
An independently owned and published superhero roleplaying game first published by Incardine Press in 2004 and written by Michael Miller.
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