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An action-adventure roleplaying game published by Atlas Games, inspired by the Hong Kong action movie genre.
This category is for tabletop roleplaying games. Online, chat-based, and freeform games should be submitted to one of the subcategories of Games/Internet/Chat.

Games that are sold for money instead of given away must be submitted to the related category Games/Roleplaying/Genres/Modern_and_Espionage.

Free pen-and-paper roleplaying games using fairly contemporary (within the last 100 years), reality-based settings. As implied by the category name, many such games are "spy games", but other subjects are popular, as well.
Out-of-print espionage game published in 1983 by Victory Games, inspired by both the novels and the movies about Ian Fleming's fictional spy.
Blackburg Tactical Research Center's tongue-in-cheek roleplaying game of... well, of macho women with guns.
Near-future action-adventure "technothriller" roleplaying game published in 1992 by Chameleon Eclectic Entertainment, Inc.
The surreal game of conspiracy and paranoia designed by Robin Laws and Jonathan Tweet, published by Atlas Games, and set on the fictional Mediterranean island of Al Amarja.
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Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game is an out-of-print White Wolf game based on Capcom's Street Fighter video games.
An out-of-print espionage roleplaying game published by TSR, Inc. (now Wizards of the Coast). Top Secret exists in two non-compatible versions: the original authored by Merle Rasmussen, and its simpler replacement, Top Secret/S.I..
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