This category covers the roleplaying game Werewolf: The Apocalypse and Werewolf: the Dark Ages part of the larger World of Darkness. Werewolf is a roleplaying game of gothic horror in which the players play the part of Garou - the shapeshifting warriors of Gaia - in a fight against the Wyrm - a concept of evil the purpose of which is to corrupt their world.
Submissions to this section should be for general resources only (please include information for all shifting breeds and tribes). If your web sites can be placed in any of the categories Characters, Chronicles and Web Rings

Information for the following supplements should also be submitted here

  • Ananasi
  • Bastet
  • Black Spiral Dancers
  • Corax
  • Fomori
  • Gurahl
  • Hengeyokai (including Hakken, Khan, Kumo, Nuzumi, Tengu and Zhong-Lung)
  • Mokole
  • Nagah
  • Nuwisha
  • Ratkin
  • Rokea

Information for the following Werewolf Tribes should also be submitted here

  • Black Furies
  • Bone Gnawers
  • Children of Gaia
  • Fenrir/Get of Fenris
  • Fianna
  • Red Talons
  • Shadow Lords
  • Silent Striders
  • Silver Fangs
  • Warders/Glass Walkers
  • Croatan
A Werewolf chronicle is what many other game systems call a campaign: a series of gaming sessions using the same characters and settings in order to create a larger ongoing storyline.