This category covers the roleplaying game Mage: The Ascension, part of White Wolf's 'World of Darkness' series of games. In Mage, the characters are people who have 'Awakened' to the idea that reality is shaped by belief and can sometimes be reshaped by force of will. Factions among the Awakened scheme and fight with and against one another in order to free, influence and/or control the unAwakened, or 'Sleepers', i.e., everyone else in the world.
Sites which give extensive source information for storytellers and players, as well as information on chronicles in progress or of the past, should submit their sites to this category. If your website deals only with a particular character or set of characters and their adventures, please use the Characters subcategory.
This category is for websites that profile a person or chronicles favorite characters, with statistics and history. For all other Mage sites, see the main category.
A World of Darkness chronicle is what other game systems call a campaign: a series of gaming sessions using the same characters and settings in order to create a larger ongoing storyline.
A webring is a group of thematically-similar sites organized into a circle through the use of standardized 'Next' and 'Previous' hyperlinks.