Gamebooks are a form of self-contained interactive fiction; you play the part of the hero and make his/her decisions by turning to different pages and reading different sections of the book. The genre includes Choose-Your-Own-Adventure, Lone Wolf, Fighting Fantasy, and other series.

Gamebooks are not just rule books, hints, cheats or descriptions of game systems; they are the games themselves.

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Fighting Fantasy was an innovative series of gamebooks created by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingston that were immensely popular in the 1980s. This success led to the publication of the Advanced Fighting Fantasy and Sorcery series as well as The Adventures of Goldhawk for younger readers.

Long out of print, Fighting Fantasy and Sorcery gamebooks are becoming available again in limited editions.
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Lone Wolf is a world famous series of gamebooks created by Joe Dever. Lone Wolf is the sole survivor of an order of warrior monks. He swears vengeance upon the Darklords of Helgedad that have slaughtered his fellow Kai. The series chronicles his rise in power, the defeat of the Darklords and the restoration of the Kai.
The Lost Worlds books are combat gamebooks, as opposed to story gamebooks. The different pages of each booklet show the character performing combat maneuvers. Two players each trade booklets, and simultaneously call out maneuver numbers, which are then cross-referenced to determine which page each player turns to, and whether each character's attack succeeds.