Official homepages of companies producing or publishing Roleplaying Games and support material.
To be listed you need following:
  1. A Product
  2. A Company
  3. A Finished Game
  4. A Tabletop / Pen and Paper Roleplaying Game (no Board, Computer, or Video Game)

Many professional authors of role-playing games have their own web pages. Typically these have a lot of semi-official supplemental information that just didn't get published, errata, and links.

The difference between a website that should be here, that of a professional Roleplaying Author, and just an amateur hobbyist who has written her own campaign scenarios for her group is somewhat subjective, but is like the difference between an Author and a Writer. One has a noticeable quantity of work professionally published, the other hasn't.

This category is for homepages of people who have designed or participated in designing roleplaying systems or content for these (also called Authors), and not about software helping to design/create roleplaying related content (these would go into the Software category instead).