This category is for sites about variations of traditional Sudoku. Such variations may include Word Doku (using letters that often spell words), deviations from the 9×9 grid with the 3×3 regions (for example: non-square regions, larger/smaller grids, combined boards, and so on) or any other variation.
Please only submit sites that are entirely about one or more variations of Sudoku. Sites that cover traditional Sudoku as well as variations should be submitted in the main category.
Submit any site providing/discussing/analyzing etc. Calcudoku puzzles. Popular alternative names for this puzzle are MathDoku and KenKen. Less used names are Newdoku, Rekendoku, Kashikoku-Naru, Sumdoku, Square Wisdom, Minuplu, etc.
One of the most popular variants of Sudoku, which adds clues based on the addition of values in group of cells (
Submit links to sites about Killer Sudoku puzzles (online puzzles, solving strategies, etc.).