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If your site is specific to riddles (rhyming brain teasers), mathematical brain teasers or cryptograms please submit to those subcategories.
Brain Teasers are mentally challenging puzzles (often in the form of a question or story) that can be solved by applying logic or other mental skills.
Online games do not belong in this category, nor do video games. Please see the "see also" categories for the correct locations for sites offering these two types of crosswords.
This category contains sites about crossword puzzles in general or puzzles to be played with pen and paper. This includes software for game creation, contests between players, and puzzle which can be printed from your computer.
Please "only" suggest sites that offer Jigsaw Puzzles to complete online and "informational" sites.

Sites selling products will not be listed in this category!

Sites that offer Jigsaw Puzzles for sale should be suggested to the appropriate category under Shopping/Toys_and_Games/Puzzles

Pictures on wood, cardboard, and metal that have been cut apart into small irregular shapes that fit together when properly assembled. Named after the "jig saw", small maneuverable saw used to cut apart these puzzles.
Submissions should be made for pages/web sites related to mazes and/or labyrinths ONLY.
A maze can be considered a puzzle by which the solution is an uninterrupted path through an intricate pattern of line segments meant to confuse and confound from a starting point to a goal.
Sites that offer Mechanical Puzzles for sale should be suggested to the appropriate category under Shopping/Toys_and_Games/Games/Puzzles/
Mechanical puzzles are small objects that require manipulation to achieve some result. Examples would be a Rubik's Cube or a ball stuck in a 3D maze.
By self-referential, we mean that it talks about itself. By self-documenting we mean that it makes a (true) statement about its own contents. For example, it may make a true statement about the number of occurrences of each of the digits 0 to 9 that it contains. It is very important that the statement it makes is true, because there are plenty of statements of this kind that are false. Just try putting a few randomly chosen numbers into the sentence instead: it is highly unlikely that you will get a true statement just by chance!
Please submit sites that support the creation of Word Search Puzzles. The site can make custom puzzles or have software that can create puzzles.
List of links to pages with original puzzles where you look for the words hidden in columns of letters; called various names, but most often word search or word find puzzles.
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