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Following these guidelines will allow us to add your site to the directory as quickly as possible.

  • Use your site''s actual title.
  • Create a brief description, under 25 words, listing the current content of your site (not the future content).
  • Do not use first person verbiage (we, our, us).
  • Do not use marketing verbiage. (We''re the best!, Most awesome site, Check it Out!)
  • Avoid using terms such as much more, lots, more, or anything else that would indicate that there is more to your site than what is in the description. Take the time to list out what the site has instead of using these terms.
Sports simulations are a particular breed of play-by-mail (or play-by-e-mail) games which concern themselves with the management of a fictional sports team or fictional individual in a sport like tennis or boxing. The most commonly simulated sports are American (gridiron) football, soccer (Association football), and hockey, though someone's had a go at just about any team sport, not to mention a fair number of individual sports. Generally, participants in these games send in instructions to the moderator (frequently referred to as a "commissioner") who processes the instructions using either a special computer program or a board game and reports the results back to the participants. Players also take on the role of managers, trading players amongst themselves and issuing "press releases" tweaking the opposition. Games which are played through postal mail are generally fee-based, to cover the cost of stamps if nothing else. Games played via e-mail are usually free but some charge for turns.
Following these guidelines will allow us to review your site as quickly as possible.

    1. Do NOT submit your site until it is fully ready. Do NOT submit e-feds very recently formed that do not have enough members or those that do not have any activity.

    2. Submit your real URL, not redirect ones such as or cloak domain names.

    3. Give the name of your e-fed as the title, not an abbreviation.

    4. Check how the listed sites are described to form your description. Provide information on whether the wrestlers used are original or real wrestlers, how the results are reached (via RPG performance, via a simulation such as a video game, etc.), and the main content of your page (do you have a comprehensive title history, do you have articles/columns/rumors, etc.

    Describe your site only in the method the sites listed are described. This means do NOT use marketing verbiage or hype.

This category is for wrestling e-feds and sites that support those e-feds. An e-fed is a fantasy wrestling federation where participants compete with real or original wrestlers via email, a message board, or through some other method. Please read the submission guidelines before submitting a site. Sites are reviewed periodically and deleted if found to be inactive or under heavy construction.
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