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Please submit only clubs/weyrs/forums using play-by-post message boards to this category. Play-by-email or fanzine club sites should be submitted to the play-by-email and fanzine categories.
This category is for any Message Board or Forum-based roleplaying (play-by-post) clubs set in the world of Pern. The Dragonriders of Pern is based on a book series by Anne McCaffrey set on the world of Pern where telepathic dragons and their riders battle an organism called Thread that destroys anything organic it touches.
Please submit only clubs/weyrs/pbems and other such fan fiction organizations to this category. Persona pages should be submitted to the Characters category. Directory sites to Pern sites on the net should be submitted to the Directories category. General Pern sites should be submitted to the Pern category.
Play-by-mail gaming involves strategic or roleplaying games which are played via email or postal mail. Typcially each player will send his or her orders to the moderator, or GM, who will determine what happened in the game for the particular turn, and send updates to each player.
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