Online roleplaying games are games played via message board, email, or other electronic medium that do not emulate an actual world within the computer (See Games: Video Games: Roleplaying for these types of games).
Sites are rarely listed at this level. Please drill down into the subcategories to find the most appropriate category for your site and suggest it there. Only if no more specific category exists, should you suggest your site here.

For roleplaying games on the computer (i.e. a computer game, see Games: Video Games: Roleplaying).

Online roleplaying games played primarily over real time chat services. e.g. AOL Chatrooms, IRC, MSN, AIM, ICQ, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, Jabber.
Please only suggest your game site to this category if there isn''t a more specific genre category available.
For the submission of role-playing games whose primary action takes place over forums or message boards, are set in a historically inspired environment, and involve magic or mythical creatures of any kind.
Please note that historical and fantasy roleplaying are not necessarily the same thing. If there are dragons, gnomes, unicorns, magic, or the classic
Online roleplaying games with a horror theme. Such games might be played via message board, email, or instant messenger services/IRC.

Please only submit online roleplaying games with a horror theme to this category. Appropriate mediums for inclusion in this category include messageboards, e-mail or instant chat/IRC.

Please note that online computer games belong in a relevant subcategory of: Games: Video Games: Roleplaying rather than here.

This category contains websites pertaining to the playing of games on Web-based message boards, for example the boards provided by Yahoo or OneList. These games are typically played by taking turns posting messages.
Please submit only those sites that are more general RPG in nature, and/or contain RPG resources. Although the site does not have to be either of the above, it does have to contain some form of message board gaming.
Roleplaying games are those in which players invent characters and describe their actions in a fictional setting under the guidance of a gamemaster who directs the plot. Although originally played in person (now known as table-top roleplaying), they have been adapted to be playable via email. Such games now abound on the Internet. A FAQ is coming soon with a more detailed explanation.
Only sites dealing with specific play-by-email roleplaying games of quality should be submitted. Websites should include extensive information on the game story, setting, and rules. Games which are played through message boards and sites containing only character information or fiction of a game will not be accepted. Please, no wargames, strategy games, or any type of game with no central plot.
Following these guidelines will allow us to review your site as quickly as possible.

    1. Do NOT submit your site until it is fully ready. Do NOT submit e-feds very recently formed that do not have enough members or those that do not have any activity.

    2. Submit your real URL, not redirect ones such as or cloak domain names.

    3. Give the name of your e-fed as the title, not an abbreviation.

    4. Check how the listed sites are described to form your description. Provide information on whether the wrestlers used are original or real wrestlers, how the results are reached (via RPG performance, via a simulation such as a video game, etc.), and the main content of your page (do you have a comprehensive title history, do you have articles/columns/rumors, etc.

    Describe your site only in the method the sites listed are described. This means do NOT use marketing verbiage or hype.

Please do not submit sites with information about Star Trek roleplaying games directly into this catgory. Instead, choose the appropriate sub-category:

AOL =>

IRC =>

Message Board =>

Play-by-E-mail =>

Combination of the types above =>

Non-Star Trek roleplaying games should be submitted in the appropriate sub-category of:

Text roleplaying based on video games and their characters.