Games that can be played with the players' hands and fingers alone, requiring no other equipment. Please submit games for handheld devices to: Computers/Systems/Handhelds/Palm_OS/Software/
Players clap their hands, either by themselves, or against each other, in tune to a song or chant, and try to stay in rhythm. The player who breaks the clapping rhythm loses.
RoShamBo is the game of Rock-Paper-Scissors, the classic simultaneous decision game. Face to face, players count to three, then simultaneously display either a fist for rock, open hand for paper, or two fingers for scissors. Scissors defeats paper which defeats rock which defeats scissors.

This is usually played multiple times to allow strategy to come into it. Even though a completely random choice is no less likely to win against any strategy, it is also no more likely to win, while a better strategy will defeat a worse strategy.

Two players clasp fingers, then each tries to pin the opponent's thumb with their own.