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Please only submit "stand alone" articles that do not fit more appropriately into Game_Studies/Journals or Game_Studies/Personal_Pages .
This category is for articles relating to Game Studies that are not otherwise available as part of a journal (for example) or linked from an author's personal home page.
Please state the conference name in the title field, and the place, date and a brief list of the website''s contents (for instance call for papers, program, abstracts, full papers, news) in the description.
Conferences of interest to people who study games. Old conferences will be listed here if there is useful material archived at the website.
This category covers training, courses and degrees about games. Students would learn about the history of games, the aesthetics of games, the cultural impact of games, the structure of games, but not primarily how to make games.

Education for becoming a game designer should go in Games/Video_Games/Game_Design/Education/

Academic departments researching games and courses taught in the area of game studies.
This category is for journals containing academic essays. Most such journals will be peer-reviewed, though there may be exceptions. Sites belonging to individual researchers, and not edited by a team of researchers with reviewers, should instead be submitted to Games/Game_Studies/Personal_Pages/, or if they are general interest sites about games research that just happen to be run and written by individuals, they might be eligible for the main Game_Studies category.

Non-academic sites (which may include very interesting articles) should go in a different part of the games hierarchy. Games/Resources/Magazines_and_E-zines/ might be a good place, or if the site is about a particular kind of game, look in the categories under that game.

Academic, peer-reviewed journals with the study of games as their primary topic.
Websites belonging to researchers whose main research area is game studies.
This category is for listing topical weblogs by individuals or collaboration that deal with the daily conversation of Game Studies as a field. Note: Personal blogs of Game Scholars should be listed under Games/Game_Studies/Personal_Pages
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