This category and its sub-categories are for websites dedicated to sports betting, handicapping, sports betting news, tips and tools.
Sites offering any type of actual betting must submit to the appropriate Online category.

If your site fits into one of the subcategories, please submit it there. Submitting it inappropriately to the general category will only delay its review.

Mirror sites, doorways, link directories and sites under construction will not be accepted.

Forums, chatrooms and message boards on sports betting topics.
Message boards must show active discussions, not be mere spam baskets or be virtually blank.

Do not submit new message boards until they show significant activity from multiple people.

Submit non-sports sites to Gambling Chats and Forums.

Sites offering the ability to place online bets on sporting events.
To be listed in these categories a site must offer the ability to place bets online.

Many companies offer both casino games and sportsbetting. If your site is primarily a sportsbook, it belongs here. If your site is primarily a casino, submit it to the Online Casinos category. You will not be listed twice.

These are the only Sports categories for sites that take wagers.

Sites devoted to one sport should submit to the appropriate subcategory. All other sportsbooks, peer-to-peer or other sportsbetting sites must submit to the appropriate letter category (normally the first letter of your URL). Do not submit more than once, it won''t get you listed faster.

Multiple sites from one company, doorways, link directories and sites under construction will not be listed.

Sites devoted to betting on different types of racing.
Submit to the Dog Racing or Horse Racing subcategories if your site deals exclusively with either of those. Only submit sites to the general category that deal with another form of racing or multiple forms of race betting.
Sportsbetting software and similar tools for personal use.
This category is for software or web-based tools. Sites offering actual pool betting must submit to the appropriate Online category.
General sports handicappers or tippers that specialize in two or more major sports, or in minor sports for which there is no subcategory.
Sites dealing with sports handicapping or offering tipping services can be submitted to this category. Sites must offer some amount of free content to be listed, such as free picks or a verifiable record of previous membership picks.

Content must be unique. The subcategories exist for specialized sites. They are not an invitation for handicappers to make multiple submissions. Companies offering services or content that is not unique will not be listed.

Following these guidelines will allow us to add your site as quickly as possible:
Submit your site using your main url.
Use your site''s actual title.
Create a description under 25 words, listing the current content of your site (not the future content).
Do not use first person (we, our, us) or marketing verbiage (We''re the best!). Hype words will be deleted.

Mirror sites, doorways, link directories and sites under construction will not be accepted.

Please take the time to submit to the correct category. Ignoring these guidelines and submitting anyway will result in your site not being listed.