Sites offering real money or subscription-based multi-player poker on the Internet.
Online casinos offering various games aren''t listed here. Submit them to the Online Casinos category. No gambling, browser-based, multi-player poker sites go to Browser Based Card Games.

Stand-alone cardrooms only. Affiliate/doorways to online cardrooms already listed will be rejected.

Cardroom entities that portal players into a single game server, like the Prima Poker Network, will not be listed. The primary software provider will receive a single listing.

Sites under construction or consisting mainly of links will not be listed.

Sites devoted to reviews, tips and how-to strategy guides for playing poker at online cardrooms.
Sites must have unique, original, useful content. Lists of links, lists of cardroom features or promotional text copied from cardrooms will not be listed. Advertising links are permitted as long as they are not the site''s main focus and if there is enough good content to justify a listing.

Sites with reviews of non-poker online casinos must submit to the general gambling Reviews category.