Sites devoted to lotteries in a single country.
Submit here lottery sites that are mostly specific to a country. For example, sites offering results (as the main content) for the UK National lottery must be sent in the United_Kingdom sub-category.

Sites offering the opportunity to buy tickets online for a particular lottery (specific to a country) should be submitted here. For example, a site offering tickets for the Florida state lottery should be listed in Regional/United_States.

If the country you are looking for doesn''t have its own sub-category or if the site offers regional content on more than one country, then submit in Lotteries/Regional.

Sites must have unique content. Under construction sites, affiliate sites, doorways and mirrors will not be listed. Do not submit more than once, it won''t help you getting listed faster.

Sites devoted to the gambling elements of the UK National Lottery. The official and governmental aspects of the lottery are listed in National Lottery.
Submit here lottery sites that are mostly specific to lotteries in the United States of America.