Bingo sites listed here are online and do not, usually, have real property you can visit. Each of these sites should offer something unique to their visitors that cannot be found on any other site.
Many companies offer both bingo and casino games. If your site is primarily a bingo site, it belongs here. If your site is primarily a casino site suggest it to the Online Casinos category. You will not be listed twice.

This category is for unique, stand-alone bingo sites or for bingo group pages providing access to all of the group''s banner bingo sites. Directory lists of bingo sites are inappropriate and will be deleted. If a group/portal page exists, the individual bingo sites will not be listed.

Sites with no unique content will be rejected. Sites using third party software only will be rejected.

We want to list sites of value that have content unique to them such as exclusive games.

Sites under construction will be rejected.

Sites offering nothing more than a software to download will be rejected.

Mirror sites, doorways and affiliates will not be accepted. TURNKEY SITES will not be accepted, do not submit these.

Submit your site with a clean description (no marketing slogans, keyword-stuffing, etc...) in the most appropriate category to speed up the work of the editors and to get listed faster. Thank you.