Designed by Lynn Dalton. ZAR is a cross between UNO and speed. The decks are out of print. It's based on Crazy Eights and other folk games that are played with a standard deck of cards. There are three colors. With an Uno deck, use yellow, green, and blue. In each color, use the following cards: 2x 1s, 2x 2s, 2x 3s, 2x 4s, 2x 5s, 2x 6s, 2x skips, 2x draw twos, 2x reverses. Additionally there are these non-color cards: 2x type I wild cards (use Uno wild cards), 2x type II wild cards (use Uno draw fours), 2x type I "dragons" (use Uno red 8s) and 2x type II "dragons" (use Uno red 9s). The object is to get rid of all your cards; playing consists of discarding a card onto the discard pile.