Designed by John McLaughlin and Michael Garton. Published 1995 by McGartlin Motorsport Design. For 2-12 players and takes about 60 minutes to play. Flag to Flag Racing has invent a new exciting racing game. Pits, caution flags, driver arguments, wrecks, its all here in this exciting new game. The Track Deck determines the number of laps for each turn and any major events such as accidents and car problems that can occur during a race. There are 3 Track Decks available and each one has been developed to statistically simulate the action on actual stock car racing tracks. The SuperSpeedway deck allows you to race on large, high speed tracks, while the One Mile Oval and Short Track decks recreate all the action found on the shorter tracks. With all three decks, you can easily create a championship season that follows actual stock car events. A Driver Deck is used to perform actions and respond to events during the race. A Driver Deck is required for each player.