Designed by Joan Wendland 1998 and published by Blood and Cardstock Games 2002. Artwork by Larry DeSouza 1999. For 2-4 players 13 years old and up. Played with 144 cards of 4 types: Bod cards and Biz cards, which are held in the players hand. Genre cards and Cheater cards are used to help play run more smoothly. You play the heads of rival movie studios. Out mogul your competition by using the best actors and directors to make big box office hits. Of course if that doesn't work you could try giving them bad ratings or a drug problem. Bod card has five cells which are color coded to show the movies the actor or director is good at making: Action, Romance, Drama, Family or Specialty. When the last card in the Bod deck is drawn, the end game ensues. Beginning with the current player's turn, each player may complete one final turn. All finished movies scores and unfinished movies gives deduction from the score.