Designed by Steve Jackson 1985. Published by Steve Jackson Games. Reprinted 1999 as Deluxe Illuminati. The new edition features full-color cards and improved money chits, but it's the same game of secret conspiracies battling for world control. The phone company is controlled by creatures from outer space. The Congressional Wives have taken over the Pentagon. And the Boy Sprouts are cashing in their secret Swiss bank account to smash the IRS! Two to six players compete to grab powerful groups and increase their wealth and power. No ploy is too devious, no stratagem too low, as you scheme your way to victory. 2-8 players and takes 180 minutes to play. 1995 was a CCG called "Illuminati: New World Order" released. 1999 was Illuminati Y2K released - a supplement deck for Illuminati with 110 more cards. 3-6 players 2001 was Illuminati Brainwash released and adds a gameboard to Deluxe Illuminati, letting players track (and change) the alignments of the whole world. This expansion is designed by Allen Varney and Steve Jackson. 2-8 players and takes 180 minutes to play.