Designed by James Kyle and Wm. V. Niebling. First and secong edition (called Perdition) are published by Galloglass Games. "Hellrail the 3rd Perdition" is published by Mayfair Games Inc 2001. For 3-4 players and takes about 60 minutes. From 10 years and up. In the update of the Galloglass game are there are several refinements, but the major change is the addition of many more circle powers and the circle powers are now randomly distributed and may change during the game. The train engines are wood instead of pewter. Each of the players fancies himself an engineer of the HellRail, conducting the souls of sinners to their torturous abodes in the great Inferno. But, only one of them will triumph and be spared eternal atrocity. The cards contain sinners (loads), brimstone (fuel), and track, allowing the cards to be played any of three ways. Each player has a wooden train marker, which he uses to mark his progress on the board. The cards form the track connecting the different levels of hell to the front gate and each other. The players train is formed of sinners which require the expenditure of brimstone to move.