Design by Steve Jackson. Published by Steve Jackson Games 1992. For 2-6 players and takes about 120 minutes. The Computer Crime Card Game. This game was written as a satirical comment on the Secret Service raid on Steve Jackson Games and the hacker community. The hacker community liked it. There's been no visible reaction from the Feds. Players use indials to break into systems and gain root access. Upgrade your hacking tools, deal with other hackers for access and phreak others onto your system. Avoid ICE and law enforcement raids to gain the greatest number of root access sites and win the game. Theres an expansion published 1993 called "Hacker II: The Dark Side". It allows 7 to 8 players to play and includes also outdials, military upgrades, multiple accounts, virtual bridges and increased security. It also includes new threats such as Black ICE, viruses and the worm.