Designed by Rudiger Dorn. German edition published by Amigo 2001 and English edition published by Rio Grande Games 2001. For 3-5 players. Takes 30-45 minutes. The game has six suits of 17 cards each (0-15, with two zeroes). One trick is that the back of each card shows which suit the card is. Players can inspect the card backs of other players. Te start player leads 1-3 cards. The only restriction is that the start player may not lead three of a kind. Then each player, in order, may play the same number of cards with the same distribution, or pass. So if I lead a pair, then each other player must either play a pair face down or pass. Players are free to play whatever suit they like, except for the last player. The last player cannot introduce a new suit. If you pass you take 1-3 cards from the ends of the two lines of cards which are fae down in the middle of the table. You can see the backs of all these cards.