Published 1960 by Dutch Blitz Games Company. Amish, Mennonite, Pennsylvania Dutch card game. Two to four players, age 9 to 100, do their best to rid their "Blitz" pile before the other players as everyone plays at the same time. Each player gets one of the four decks of 40 cards each. Each deck has a different design on the back (carriage, pump, pail, and plow) to designate players cards. Each player has three cards placed on the table in front of them (post piles) along with a pile of 10 cards (blitz pile). Players try to form sequences of cards (in ascending order, by color) in the center of the table starting from one up to ten. Quickest player to get rid of his blitz pile calls BLITZ and play stops. Cards in center of table count for 1 point each, cards left in blitz pile count for -2 points each. First player to 75 wins. Fast paced and good for hand-eye coordination.