Bang! is designed 2002 by Emiliano Sciarra. Published by daVinci (Italy). For 4-7 players, although best with 6-7. Takes about 30 minutes to play. A spaghetti-western card game. The cards have Italian text and English subtitles. Shoot on your right and left, have a beer, go to the saloon, hide behind a barrel, escape from jail to find out that your mistress has left with your horse and your Remington gun. Take 2 cards in your turn and play as many card you want from your hand - but there is some psychology in guessing who is what, as it's only the sheriff who is known from the beginning. In his team are the Deputies who should protect him and against them are the outlaws, who wins if the sheriff is killed and the Renegade who wins if he's the last man standing, but he can't kill the sheriff before the outlaws are killed.