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A game to solve anagram clues involving 2 to 6 players.
Balderdash is a 1986 game from Parker Brothers. The game actually a variation of a game called Dictionary or The Dictionary Game, and gameplay involves players coming up with definitions to words no one has ever heard of.
Swedish edition published by Casper 1994. For 2-4 players and takes about 60 minutes. To rattle off so many things, persons etc in the desired category (due to the card drawn). For each answer which is written on the category card you may advance one step (or two if it's an unusual answer, written in italics).
Facts in Five: The Game of Knowledge, originally published in 1967 by the 3M Company.
A trivia board game about horror movies.
Intelligent Design vs. Evolution, an anti-evolution trivia board game designed by Living Waters Ministry evangelists Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron.
Write words, so they hook into each other; ie the last letter in a word should be the start of the next word. During 30 seconds you write as many words as possible in the category you randomly has pointed at on the subject sheet. Next time you pick a new subject. The one who first fills his sheet with a long chain of words is the winner.
Published by Media Works LLC. For two players and up. An approach to MOS sustainment training and development that is interesting for the soldier. Soldiers maneuver around a board by correctly answering questions from 5 different categories. The goal is to capture a piece from each category. Certain questions are designed as mission critical. If soldiers answer these questions incorrectly, they must draw a NoGo card, which provides instructions they must follow. These instructions includes anything from diamond pushups to flutter kicks.
Password is a 1962 boardgame based on a television game show from the 1960's and 1970's. The game has featured multiple editions since 1962, each of which includes different word lists. Websites with unique content regarding the game are listed in this category.
Designed by Linda Romero. Published by The Branch Office. For 2 or more players and takes 30-45 minutes to play. The Perspective game board is divided into four color-coded regions: Ancient, Middle, Modern and 20th Century. Each region represents a timeline into which players place events. Everyone starts the game with a random assortment of event cards. Each card describes an historical event. Play consists of placing a card on the appropriate timeline (cards have colored borders matching their timeline). The idea is to place it in its historically correct position on the timeline— that is, between the events chronologically closest to it in each direction. Play continues until someone wins by getting rid of all of their cards.
Websites focused on the Milton Bradley quick-drawing game Pictionary are listed in this category.
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This category's dedicated to Scrabble (a popular word board game).
Designed by Rayanne Bertuilli and Christine Blaus. Published by Blert Inc. For 2-6 players or teams. Age 13 and up. Trivia about common and less common short forms and abbreviations.
A game that teaches sign language.
Trivia games focused exclusively on sports.
Tile based word game for all ages.
Humorous word game where the players say whatever comes to mind about a random topic.
Designed and published 2001 by TriBond Enterprises. There are three separate paths on the game board, each surrounding a Home space. Each player controls three pawns that move clockwise, one around each path. Players are able to advance their pawns by correctly answering TriBond Threezer riddles. The object of the game is to be the first to move your three pawns around their paths, and into the Home spaces. Threezer riddles are a list of three things that have a specific relationship or bond. There are at least for different versions of the game: "Best of TriBond", "Three for All", TriBond, and "TriBond Jr".
A "would you rather ... or ..."-type party board game. For example, a question might be, "Would you rather spit on everyone to whom you speak or always be spat on every time you talk to someone?"
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